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The Asia Pacific City Summit and Mayor Forum (APCS) was established in 1996 to establish an urban network and new business relationships in the Asia Pacific region, improve urban solutions, integrate the knowledge economy, promote technology applications, and create a manageable and livable city. The summit is held every two years and the secretariat is located in Brisbane. The first summit in 1996 was held in Brisbane, Australia.



The 2019 Asia-Pacific City Summit and Mayor Forum opened in Brisbane, Australia on the 7th. The four-day summit and forum attracted nearly 100 mayors and more than 1,300 delegates from the Asia-Pacific region. The theme of this summit is “Business and Innovation Drives Urban Development”. The guests have started dialogues and exchanges on four topics: “urban innovation”, “urban mobility”, “city livability” and “urban sustainability”.





Our partners brought "BANGE&OAK" tothe forum, and had in-depth exchanges with various express and logistics companies, supermarkets and food distribution companies that are exploring local distribution, local government departments and some universities inAustralia. The intelligent and customized urban logistics solution for“BANGE&OAK” is highly appreciated and won the praise of Brisbane City MayorAdrian Srina!


Brisbane City Mayor Adrian Srina said that the development of cities around the world is facing the "urban disease" problem of population growth, traffic congestion and environmental pollution. The Asia-Pacific region is the region with the highest population density and fastest growth in the world. The Asia Pacific City Summit and Mayor Forum is dedicated to promoting innovation, urban cooperation and economic growth in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. This summit will focus on promoting urban development through business and innovation, addressing development challenges and creating a better city. I am very happy to see innovative products such as "BANGE&OAK" participate in the forum and look forward to their outstanding performance in Australia! 微信图片_20200509120801.jpg




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