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Job Position
  • Welding Engineer

    1.Responsible for welding process audit to ensure the correctness and rationality of the welding process.

    2.Responsible for the overall process plan of welding and loading, process layout planning and equipment selection.

    3.Responsible for technical problems in the welding process of the project and handling of welding quality accidents.

    4.Improve process problems.

  • Chassis Structural Engineer

    1.Responsible for the development and improvement of the chassis components to ensure that the products meet customer requirements.

    2.Completion of all technical work as required, drawing and technical documentation and responsible for its correctness, completeness and rationality, responsible for product sample and technical repair work.

    3.In-depth on-site resolution of various on-site technical and quality issues.

  • Vehicle inspection post

    1.Responsible for vehicle inspection.

    2.Strictly follow the inspection standards and the instructions required for inspection.

    3.Record and feedback the quality problems found during the vehicle inspection process.

    4.Responsible for the accuracy of the quality data.

    5.Actively cooperate with the temporary work assigned by the supervisor.

  • Assembler Job Responsibilities

    1.Responsible for automobile assembly work, do the 6S daily work of this position, complete the production task with quality and quantity

    2.Require more than two years of work experience

    3. Experience in automobile assembly is preferred

  • Business manager

    1.Responsible for market development in the distribution area, customer maintenance, order follow-up and technical support work

    2.Can adapt to foreign business trips, have foreign subsidies

    3.Require more than two years of business work experience or study abroad experience...

    4. requires English proficiency, will be preferred in Arabic / Russian and other small languages, if you have customer resources can also relax the requirements

    5.require men.

  • After-sales service supervisor

    1.Require male, occasionally need to stay abroad, have foreign subsidies and business commission

    2.Responsible for the company's after-sales service system and management system construction

    3.Post-sales daily management and team building, emergency plan and complaint handling

    4.Requires mechanical and electrical majors to graduate, experienced and can relax professional restrictions

    5.more than three years of post-sales management experience

    6.requires English is more skilled (hard standard)


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