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InnoEnergy is a fund organization supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), known as the engine of the European sustainable energy industry. It was established in 2010 to promote sustainable energy development with 24cooperations partners,  including major energy industries, universities and research centers in Europe.


6月份InnoEnergy基金对RAPSEV PASSION的联合项目“SCOOBIC”进行审计、价值评估,做出2000万欧元的估值,同时出资200万欧元收购“SCOOBIC10%的股份。InnoEnergy的投资不仅为SCOOBIC的项目提供资金支持,更重要的是平台、资源的整合,源于InnoEnergy基金组织的背后是欧洲创新与技术研究所(European Institute of Innovation and Technology),一个专属欧盟(European Union)的机构。

In June, InnoEnergy fund carried out audit and value evaluation on the joint project "SCOOBIC" of RAPSEV and PASSION, made a valuation of 20 million euro, and invested 2 million euro to acquire 10% shares of "SCOOBIC". InnoEnergy's investment not only provides financial support for "SCOOBIC" projects, but also integrates platforms and resources. Behind InnoEnergy fund is the European Institute of innovation and technology, an exclusive European Union institution..



InnoEnergy will accelerate the implementation of RAPSEV andPASSION plan to invest in the construction of an electric vehicle factory in Seville, Spain. Juan Espadas, mayor of Seville, said: "the first phase of the construction of the electric vehicle factory is expected to be completed by the end of 2021, and 160 jobs will be created at the same time. By 2025, more than 500 jobs will be created, which will play a positive role in the economic recovery of Seville after the epidemic. At the same time, the government will fully support the site and policy support needed for the construction of the plant.".


至此RAPSEV PASSION的联合项目“SCOOBIC”也将开启新的征程。InnoEnergy的加入、塞维利亚制造基地的建设,更是为“SCOOBIC”联合“BRIDGESTONE”“FIRSTSTOP”遍布欧洲、中东和非洲3007家销售、服务网络的坚实基础。


So far, the joint project "SCOOBIC" of RAPSEV and PASSION will also start a new journey. The addition of InnoEnergy and the construction of Sevilla's manufacturing base are a solid foundation for the combination of "SCOOBIC" with "BRIDGESTONE" and "FIRSTSTOP" in 3007 sales and service networks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Come on "SCOOBIC",come on "RAPSEV"!



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