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RAPSEV最后一英里冷链解决方案“SCOOBIC COLD”, 获英国包裹与邮政科技杂志连载”!


2020 年突如其来的Covid-19,给全人类带来前所未有的灾难,人们的生活方式发生了巨大的改变,网络购物、智慧物流、最后一公里“揽派”配送服务在此特殊的历史时期,也被人们定格到前所未有的高度!与此同时,有消费者在社交媒体反映,居家隔离期间在网上购买的鲜牛奶、水果、蔬菜、生鲜产品没有保温措施,一些需要低温贮藏的食品、药品在最后一英里环节更是无法实现温度控制,不少消费者对生鲜产品、外卖餐食、药品的质量安全甚是担忧。

The sudden Covid-19 in 2020 has brought unprecedented disasters to all mankind, and people's lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes. Online shopping, smart logistics, and last-mile "Collection and delivery" delivery service have been frozen to unprecedented heights in this special historical period! At the same time, some consumers reported on social media that fresh milk, fruits, vegetables, and fresh products purchased online during the home quarantine were not packaged in thermal insulation. Some medicines that require low-temperature storage cannot achieve temperature control in the last mile. Many consumers are very worried about the quality and safety of fresh products, take-out meals, and medicines.



Recently, Tahira Limon, head of postNL (Dutch Post), said: “The demand for online retail is soaring, especially for groceries and healthcare products. As a professional logistics and distribution company, we must ensure the safety and hygiene of these special products during the transportation process. With Covid- With the spread of 19, governments all over the world have designated postal and logistics companies to increase the layout of infrastructure. In addition to the original “conventional” parcel network, different “characteristic” networks have been established, including the distribution of food and medicine. In the past few years, In the past years, health, food, home and flower delivery have been the company’s key markets. The company’s products and network development are nearly mature, and more and more e-commerce logistics companies are being transformed. postNL (Dutch Post) is in these markets Seeing many opportunities, we will increase our professional cold chain distribution capabilities, especially the last mile cold chain distribution layout.



6SCOOBIC团队联合RAPSEV团队联合研发的SCOOBIC COLD”最后一英里冷链解决方案,荣登英国包裹与邮政科技杂志。研发团队历时两年倾力打造,针对不同食品、药品的最佳冷链温度、正向开发出拥有“智能温控、实时冷链”系统的最后一英里冷链方案——SCOOBIC COLD,将日常食品配送的食品、药品进行了细分。严格按照其最佳保鲜周期内的最佳保鲜温度进行适配,加载智能温控系统,来完成物品到达消费者手中交付前最后一英里实时冷链的功能。

In June, the "SCOOBIC COLD" last mile cold chain solution jointly developed by the SCOOBIC team and the RAPSEV team was listed in the British Parcel and Post Technology Magazine. The R&D team has been working hard for two years, aiming at the best cold chain temperature for different foods and drugs, and has developed a last-mile cold chain solution with "intelligent temperature control, real-time cold chain" system-Scoobic cold, Food and medicines for food delivery are subdivided. Strictly adapt to the best preservation temperature in the best preservation period, and load the intelligent temperature control system to complete the real-time cold chain function of the last mile before the goods reach the consumer for delivery.


SCOOBC COLD的推出将填补欧洲市场最后一英里冷链配送的空白,我们也将积极推进“SCOOBIC COLD”与包括postNL(荷兰邮政)在内的各大邮政、快递公司的合作!

The launch of "SCOOBIC COLD" will fill the gap in the last mile cold chain distribution in the European market. We will also actively promote the cooperation between "SCOOBIC COLD" and major postal and express companies including postNL (Dutch Post)!



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