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世界心脏日World Heart Day)是由世界心脏联盟确定的,于1999年设立,每年一次,2000924日为第一个世界心脏日,以后每年9月的最后一个星期日为世界心脏日。2011年起,改为每年929 。其目的是为了在世界范围内宣传有关心脏健康的知识,并让公众认识到生命需要健康的心脏。心脏疾病是威胁人类生命健康的头号杀手,为提醒人们的重视,世界心脏联盟确定了每年一次的世界心脏日2020世界心脏日主题——"用心爱心"


World heart day was establishedby the World Heart Federation in 1999. It was established once a year.September 24, 2000 is the first world heart day, and the last Sunday inSeptember is the world heart day after that. Since 2011, it will be changed toSeptember 29 every year. The aim is to promote the knowledge of heart healthworldwide and to make the public realize that life needs a healthy heart. Heartdisease is the No. 1 killer threatening human life and health. In order toremind people's attention, the World Heart Federation has determined the annual"world heart day" and the theme of 2020 world heart day



Cardiovascular diseasehas gradually become the "No. 1 killer" threatening human health,which is the main cause of human mortality and disability. According tostatistics, 17.5 million people die of the disease every year. Its harm has noage, identity and region. It is mainly related to hypertension, hyperlipidemia,hyperglycemia, smoking, overweight/obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.Cardiovascular disease not only threatens the life of patients, but also bringsheavy burden to many families and society.





There are many cases of sudden heart disease in our life. Rescue at this time often meansracing against time and fighting against life. RAPSEV focuses on  last mile of parcels and letters delivery. Itshuttles through the streets and alleys of the city. Each vehicle will beequipped with "AED" so as to provide the first-aid to the heartattack personnel within the driving range of the vehicle. At the same time, AEDsystem will send out signal command to send the related information of suddenpatients to big data of community hospitals in real time, ensure that patientsget more professional and comprehensive treatment at the first time. Atpresent, RAPSEV "Concern and Love" AED project is being tested in Madrid, Spain.




"AED" -automatic external defibrillator, is a kind of portable, easy to operate, andcan be used skillfully with a little training. In a sense, AED is not only akind of first-aid equipment, but also a new concept of first-aid. It is theconcept of effective first-aid by the first-aid eyewitnesses.



On World Heart Day, letus take active actions to control blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar,and reduce the risk of disease. I believe that through our joint efforts andcaring for heart health, we will be able to defeat the "healthkiller" of cardiovascular disease.


2020 World Heart Day  


RAPSEV "Concern and Love"!



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