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日本是一个高度发达的资本主义国家 ,是世界最大的工业国之一。世界第三大经济体,G7G20等成员。其资源匮乏并极端依赖进口,发达的制造业是国民经济的支柱。科研、航天、制造业、教育水平均居世界前列。

Japan is a highly developed capitalist country and one of the largest industrial countries in the world. The world's third largest economy, the G7, G20 and other members. The developed manufacturing industry is the pillar of the national economy. Scientific research, aerospace, manufacturing and education levels are among the world's top.




日本邮政Japan Post)始于1871年, 2020年全球最具价值500大品牌榜发布,日本邮政排名第213位。日本邮政公社的日本邮政业务分为邮政、储蓄、简易保险三大类。为了发展EMS业务,日本邮政十分重视加强与国际邮政及国际组织间的合作,解决EMS邮件跟踪查询及EMS邮件在机场及运输过程中的时限和邮件安全等问题,同时积极响应社会“绿色环保·低碳生活”的倡导,加大零排放电动能源车辆的投入,大规模升级换代最后一公里配送业务中的原有燃油机车辆。

Japan Post started in 1871. In 2020, Japan Post ranked 213 among the world's top 500 most valuable brands. The Japanese postal service of Post commune is divided into three categories: post, savings and simple insurance. In order to develop EMS business, Japan post attaches great importance to strengthening cooperation with international post and international organizations to solve the problems of EMS mail tracking and inquiry, time limit of EMS mail in airport and transportation process and mail security, at the same time, actively respond to the social "green environmental protection and low carbon life" initiative, increase the investment in zero emission electric vehicles, and upgrade the original fuel engine vehicles in the last mile delivery business on a large scale.


On December 18, the first batch of Bange of RAP SEV was delivered to Japan.The lightweight body design and electric power system of Bange are in line with Japan Post's business philosophy of pursuing green energy and low carbon emissions. The efficient and convenient operation efficiency will meet the needs of Japan post to speed up the last mile delivery of e-commerce logistics.



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