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RAP SEV、BRIDGESTONE(普利司通)、FIRSTSTOP、Webfleet联手打造最后一英里配送车辆服务网络生态!


In March, RAPSEV completed a strategic agreement in Spain with Bridgestone (European headquarters)、FIRSTSTOP and Webfleet to jointly build a last mile delivery mobile eco-service network for customers across Europe.



FIRSTSTOP,BRIDGESTONE(普利司通)专门从事轮胎和综合汽车维修的服务网络,将支持 RAPSEV的电动车队在必要时更换其轮胎、维修保养、电池更换等售后服务。FIRSTSTOP在欧洲、中东、非洲42个国家拥有3007个服务网点,该服务目前在西班牙、法国和意大利提供,不久将在德国、波兰和英国等其他市场提供。

FIRSTSTSTOP, Bridgestone's service network specialising in tyres and comprehensive vehicle maintenance, will support RAPSEV's electric vehicle fleet with after-sales services such as the replacement of its tyres when necessary, maintenance, battery replacement, etc. FIRSTSTSTOP has 3,007 service outlets in 42 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the service is currently available in Spain, France and Italy and will soon be available in other markets such as Germany, Poland and the UK.


Webfleet (BRIDGESTONE普利司通及其车队远程信息处理解决方案子公司,欧洲知名网络科技服务供应商),已与RAPSEV达成协议。RAPSEV作为电动能源,物流最后一英里配送服务车辆提供商,将在欧洲市场根据客户需求与Webfleet Solutions共同开发网络化车队管理系统。

Webfleet (BRIDGESTONE Bridgestone and its fleet telematics solutions subsidiary, a leading European provider of web-based technology services).have entered into an agreement with RAPSEV, a provider of electric energy, last mile distribution service vehicles for logistics, to develop a web-based fleet management system in the European market based on customer requirements with Webfleet Solutions to develop a web-based fleet management system.

      RAPSEV、BRIDGESTONE(普利司通)、FIRSTSTOP、Webfleet已达成共识,旨在引领欧洲最后一英里配送的细分市场,为欧洲市场日益增长的最后一英里配送市场车辆需求,提供从生产、销售、售后服务及车队远程终端管理的一条龙服务,截至目前RAPSEV利用远程信息处理数据已在西班牙实现为客户提供先进的主动维护服务如:西班牙邮政(CORREOS)、欧尚超市(AUCHAN HOLDING)、家乐福(carrefour)和喜力啤酒(Heineken)等。

RAPSEV, BRIDGESTONE, FIRSTSTOP and Webfleet have agreed to lead the last mile delivery market segment in Europe, providing a one-stop service from production, sales, after-sales service and fleet remote terminal management for the growing demand for vehicles in the last mile delivery market in Europe. RAPSEV uses telematics data to provide advanced proactive maintenance services in Spain for customers such as CORREOS, AUCHAN HOLDING, carrefour and Heineken.



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