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RAPSEV助力西班牙线上超市Lola Market实现一小时配送!



西班牙线上超市LolaMarket平台汇集了西班牙主要的热门超市,包括Mercadona、Lidl、家乐福和 Dia超市。该平台为客户提供在线超市购物服务,商品在下单后一小时内或顾客指定的时间内送达。

The Spanish online supermarket LolaMarket platform brings together the main popular supermarkets in Spain, including Mercadona, Lidl, Carrefour and Dia supermarkets. The platform provides customers with an online supermarket shopping service where products are delivered within one hour of placing an order or within a time specified by the customer.

      2021年11月中国电商巨头阿里巴巴旗下品牌全球速卖通,与西班牙企业Lola Market结成联盟,选择在西班牙作为在线超市服务的首发市场,西班牙消费者目前可以通过其平台界面找到在线超市的选项,目前该服务覆盖西班牙11个城市:拉科鲁尼亚、阿利坎特、毕尔巴鄂、巴塞罗那、马德里、马拉加、穆尔西亚、潘普洛纳、塞维利亚、瓦伦西亚和萨拉戈萨。另外,计划将在未来开通马略卡岛帕尔马、特内里费岛和拉斯帕尔马斯等城市。

In November 2021 Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's brand, Global Express, formed an alliance with Spanish company Lola Market, choosing Spain as the inaugural market for its online supermarket service. Spanish consumers can now find the option of an online supermarket through its platform interface, which currently covers 11 Spanish cities: La Coruna, Alicante, Bilbao Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Pamplona, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza. In addition, there are plans to open the cities of Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife and Las Palmas in the future.


同期,RAPSEV与Lola Market达成合作,在Lola Market日益增长的配送需求业务中,助力其实现客户下单后一小时内或顾客指定的时间内送达。

During the same period, RAPSEV entered into a partnership with Lola Market to help it achieve delivery within one hour of the customer's order being placed or within the time specified by the customer, in the context of Lola Market's growing delivery needs.

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