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 巴西联邦共和国(英语:The Federative Republic of Brazil),简称巴西(Brazil),是南美洲最大的国家,巴西经济实力居拉美首位,世界第十三位(2021年)。农牧业发达,工业基础雄厚,民用支线飞机制造业和生物燃料产业在世界上居于领先水平。

The Federative Republic of Brazil, abbreviated as Brazil, is the largest country in South America, with Brazil's economic strength ranking first in Latin America and thirteenth in the world (2021). The agriculture and animal husbandry industry is developed, with a strong industrial foundation. The civil regional aircraft manufacturing industry and the biofuel industry are at a leading level in the world.

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At the end of April, RAPSEV welcomed its first visit from a Brazilian customer from the Football Kingdom. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the problems encountered in the current operation of RAPSEV vehicles in the Brazilian market, exchanged opinions on the operation plan, and conducted a detailed analysis of the expected goals and implementation plan for 2023. RAPSEV will also further improve its products according to the specific needs of the Brazilian market. In 2023, we believe that RAPSEV will have better performance in the Brazilian market!


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