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意大利是发达工业国家,是欧洲第四大、世界第八大经济体。机械设备、汽车制造、生物医药、航天航空等居于世界领先地位,中小企业发达,被誉为“中小企业王国”,5月21日RAP SEV迎来携手逾三年的意大利合作伙伴Roberto先生一行!

Italy is a developed industrial country, the fourth largest economy in Europe and the eighth largest economy in the world. Mechanical equipment, automotive manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, aerospace and other industries are world leaders, with developed small and medium-sized enterprises, known as the "Kingdom of Small and Medium Enterprises". On May 21, RAP SEV welcomed Mr. Roberto and his delegation, an Italian partner who has been working together for over three years!

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 Roberto先生一行就RAP SEV车辆在意大利市场运营的情况进行了详细的介绍,针对意大利市场的运行环境、本土化策略以及对产品的特定需求进行深度交流,同时双方对意大利市场跨国物流公司如:UPS、Poste Italiane、GLS、DHL等进一步的合作及售后服务意见进行可实施细化方案的制定。双方将继续发挥各自优势,精诚合作共同打造RAP SEV车辆在最后一英里配送领域意大利市场的命运共同体,并就未来深度合作等事项签署相关协议!

Mr. Roberto and his team provided a detailed introduction to the operation of RAP SEV vehicles in the Italian market, focusing on the operating environment, localization strategies, and specific product demands in the Italian market. At the same time, both parties developed feasible and detailed solutions for further cooperation and after-sales service opinions of multinational logistics companies such as UPS, Post Italiane, GLS, DHL, etc. in the Italian market. The two sides will continue to give full play to their respective advantages, sincerely cooperate to jointly build a community of destiny for RAP SEV vehicles in the Italian market in the last mile delivery field, and sign relevant agreements on future in-depth cooperation and other matters!

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