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      巴西南部圣卡塔琳娜州的州府弗罗利亚诺波利斯(Florianópolis)建立在一座巨大的海岛,风景秀丽拥有丰富的旅游资源,10月24日RAP SEV巴西上市发布会在府弗罗利亚诺波利斯(Florianópolis)举行!

Florian ó polis, the capital of the state of Santa Catalina in southern Brazil, is located on a huge island with beautiful scenery and abundant tourism resources. On November 24th, the launch ceremony of RAPSEV Brazil was held in Florian ó polis!


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发布会现场,FEVER(RAP SEV巴西独家合作伙伴)两位联合创始人为到场的签约代理商、合作伙伴、媒体、终端用户等超400人,详细阐述了RAP SEV最后一公里的交付解决方案在巴西的应用,并邀请博世、巴西桑坦德银行等第三方合作伙伴阐述了详细的技术支持以及金融支持方案,目前FEVER公司已经完成了巴西全境的销售、售后服务网络布局。

      At the press conference, two-co founders of FEVER (RAP SEV Brazilian exclusive partner) elaborated on the application of RAP SEV's last mile delivery solution in Brazil for over 400 attendees, including signing dealers, partner, media, and end users. They also invited third-party partners such as Bosch and Santander Bank of Brazil to elaborate on detailed technical and financial support plans, At present, FEVER has completed the sales and after-sales service network layout throughout Brazil.

此次发布会也得到了当地市、州各级政府以及行业协会的大力支持。RAP SEV的Bange、OAK等,将助力巴西邮政、Amazon等众多物流、邮政等实现最后一公里零排放交付。

This press conference also received strong support from local governments at all levels of the city and state, as well as industry associations.The Bange and OAK of RAP SEV will assist many logistics and postal companies such as Brazil Post and Amazon in achieving zero emission delivery in the last mile.

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