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RAPSEV亮相E-Mobility Asia (EMA)直击现场!

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E-Mobility亚洲E-Mobility Asia(EMA)11月22日至24日在吉隆坡会议中心举行,是最新的环保展会和平台,致力于提供环保和可持续的电动汽车产品,如电动汽车。在马来西亚电动汽车协会(EVAM)的支持下,该活动将为参展商和游客提供一个展示、探索和了解电动汽车及其行业的绝佳机会,以及从中获得的机会,同时为该行业带来进展,并有助于遏制气候变化的影响。

E-Mobility Asia Taking place from 22 – 24 November 2023 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, E-Mobility Asia (EMA) 2023 is the latest environmental show and platform dedicated to environmentally-friendly and sustainable electromobility offerings such as electric vehicles (EV). With the support of Electric Vehicle Association of Malaysia (EVAM), the event will provide exhibitors and visitors a prime opportunity to showcase, explore and learn more about EVs and its industry along with the opportunities to be gained from them – all while delivering progress for the sector as well as helping curb the impacts of climate change.



The last mile delivery solution and cold chain delivery solution of RAPSEV have received widespread attention during this exhibition, and Malaysia's Minister of Trade and Industry, Donggu Saifuru, highly appreciates RAPSEV's cold chain delivery solution!

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