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OAK挺进欧洲!(OAK March on European!)


“以科技创新诠释产品之美,以工匠精神打造精工品质”。 OAK这款车是由睿璞智能汽车股份有限公司自主研发、自主创造。在全体员工的努力奋战下,历时两年的研发,专注于健康快餐、外卖高品质到达客户口中的配送实施理念,集前沿造车理念倾心打造的OAK将荣登国际舞台。

 "To interpret the beauty of products with scientific and technological innovations, and to create fine workmanship with the spirit of craftsmen". OAK this car is developed independently by RAP SEV and created by itself. With the efforts of all the staff, the two-year R&D, focusing on healthy fast food, take-away high-quality delivery to customers to implement the concept, set the forefront of car-making concepts to build the OAK will be honored on the international stage.


欧洲媒体日前发布文章称,欧洲餐馆送餐上门已经有数十年历史,而现在该行业正为一连串能够解决消费者和餐馆痛点的科技创业公司所颠覆。如:总部位于荷兰阿姆斯特丹的 Takeaway.com ,德国的空腹熊猫(Foodpanda),丹麦创业公司Just Eat,柏林公司Delivery Hero,英国外卖巨头Deliveroo等都是专门提供网上订餐送餐的平台,通过与商家的合作,用户可以在平台享受订餐外送服务这些新涌现的公司着力于送餐上门服务垂直整合到自己的运营当中。OAK能够有效解决有保质期的产品和将它们快速送到顾客那里相关的物流难题。

European restaurants have been delivering food to their homes for decades, and the industry is now being subverted by a string of technology startups that can help consumers and restaurants cope with their pain, European media reported recently. For example, Takeaway.Com, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Foodpanda, Just Eat, Delivery Hero, and Deliveroo, the British takeaway giant, are all dedicated platforms for ordering and delivering meals online. Services to these newly emerged companies focus on the integration of door-to-door service to their operations. OAK can effectively solve the logistics problems related to products with shelf life and their rapid delivery to customers.


OAK 是一款为物流最后零公里交付设计的以锂离子电池为能源的电动机车。关重零部件以及整车已获得欧洲认证。18度摇摆驾乘安全保证,转向盲区灯自动开启,沙漏型超亮LED大灯,货箱快换、舒适智能的人体工学座舱设计等众多车规级配置的应用,适用于物流快递、生鲜医药冷链等城市应用。

OAK is an electric tricycle powered by lithium-ion batteries designed for the last zero-kilometer delivery of logistics. Key parts and Vehicle has been certified by EMARK. 18 degree swing driving safety assurance, turning blind area lights automatically on, hourglass type ultra-bright LED headlights, container quick change, comfortable and intelligent ergonomic cockpit design and many other car regulation level configuration applications, suitable for logistics express, fresh medicine cold chain and other urban applications.



OAK is equipped with vehicle cold / hot mode dual model box, heating refrigeration is two in one. Strong refrigeration, cycle heating. Correct transport equipment and effective control means and methods, coupled with the support of intelligent information systems, make our transport products to reduce wastage, prevent pollution and deterioration, ensure product safety, biological safety, and drug safety.


  OAK will show RAP SEV latest innovation of research, design and manufacturing to the world which will reveal the strength of Chinese manufacturing capacity in electric energy industry.


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