Zhejiang RAP Intelligent Vehicle Co., Ltd

Daytime running light

LED chip, high luminance but low power consumption. 
When vehicle engine starts, the light turns on automatically which is attractive and of no glare. 
Design for safety, brings you safe drving experience.

Full LED lighting system
brighter farther and safer

  • High beam

  • Dipped

  • Fog

Comfortable seat

Comfortabel and ventilated PU cover with high quality foam liner makes the seat neither too hard, nor too soft. You will experience our devotion through relaxed sitting position when you are driving OAK.

Reasonable button layout

Everything is in control when you are driving. After consideration, we specially design the button layout. For the conbenience of right hand handling, the most often used buttons are placed on left hand and abundant functions are touchable.

Light and strong frame

It has a higher strength and also reduces the weight.

Oversized space

Everything keeps simple. With ingenious design, there are two storing space in fornt of the vehicle which can store small goods and keep vehicle neat.

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